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Introduction to the Personal 13 Chakras Reading

The intent of the Personal 13 Chakra Reading is to uncover the information you already hold within yourself. I can help you make sense of why you conduct yourself in certain ways, and what you need to act on to change unsatisfactory patterns. Above all, it is intended to help you celebrate and understand your own uniqueness.

Discover what your chakras are broadcasting into the future.

The Personal 13 Chakra Reading will describe the characteristic way in which a person thinks and behaves as he/she adapts/responds to their environment. This includes visible behavior patterns as well as those which are less apparent, but relatively enduring characteristics such as values, motives, attitudes, abilities and self images.

I create the reading for you personally, using my own unique modality, combining training from Caroline Myss, intuition, and knowledge of astrology, numerology and the chakras.

The reading is aimed at addressing an individual's pressing desire for the spiritual knowledge of our time, to answer life's questions such as:

What is my purpose? Is this it? How can I break free? What do I do when I reach an emotional, physical or spiritual crossroads?

-- Sarah Livesey

Services Offered

All readings have a 12 month forecast. You will receive the reading in 7 days or sooner in audio format via email (or CD by request). The reading can be done in absentia or over Skype or phone.

In Depth One Hour Reading — £100.00
Look at what lies in store for the years ahead. This reading shows you what is coming up and how best to use your energies. I read the full archetypal Wheel using the archetypes you have picked, or I intuitively select them. Previous experience is not necessary. You will be amazed how the understanding of archetypal patterns opens up the symbolic world to you - then you really see things differently. 1 hour MP3. Select


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