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 :: Opening Third Eye/ Indigo Chakra

Positive - Ability to 'see' what is hidden and hear the inner guidance that is truth. 

Negative - Lack of objectivity, creating judgments and criticism towards self and others.

 :: Element


 :: Issue

Addiction to change/Fear of change "Life is either a wonderful adventure or Nothing". By Helen Keller

 :: Musical Note

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. When in balance, the chakra will resonate with the musical note A#.

 :: Aztec Dieties & Mayan Gods

Yohualticitl - Goddess of Birth
Aids resolution clarity and blooming.

 ::  Sacred Sites / Holy Wells

Lichen, Archipelago, Altai Siberia, Great Zimbabwe Enclosure.

 ::  Moon Cycle and Season

Serpent Moon 2nd May to 29th May. 
Keywords Release, Dissolve and Liberation.



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 :: Symbolic Colour

Indigo is a very powerful vibration, although it is a colour in its own right, it looks nearly black and it touches our deep inner emotions and thoughts. Indigo is the colour of the sky as the day moves towards the night, the colour associated with 'Nuit' the Egyptian Goddess of the night who symbolises deep wisdom, taking us into 'deep seeing, deep feeling, a new level of understanding'. Indigo is associated with meditation and with mysticism in its most profound form making connections with the various sub-personalities which appear at different times in stages of ourselves. The night time clear seeing aspect of indigo also brings clarity to the sense organs through which we relate.

 :: The Use Of Colour: Indigo

Indigo - The colour of mourning for widows in Thailand, Indigo was the favorite color of Egypt's Cleopatra. It has been traditionally associated with royalty in many cultures. Indigo can mean a have deep knowledge of spiritual truths and insights, with many authors having written books about Indigo Children and Indigo Consciousness.

 :: Where is your indigo?

Are you wearing Indigo today? 
Do you have this colour in your wardrobe? 
Does this colour feature regularly in your life? 
How do you feel about this colour?