:: Sarah Livesey, Dip MT

Sarah has a phenomenal ability to walk with a person on their voyage of self discovery. An internationally acclaimed mystic, healer and teacher Sarah has been working with individuals and groups for many years. She is passionate about her own quest for self discovery and to reveal the purpose of her journey here on earth. Her break through came in 1997 when she acknowledged that 'the darkest moments are very often just before the dawn'. Inspired by these events she has made it her life's work to assist others with their quest for self-discovery. 

With a Diploma in Metaphysics and trained personally by Dr Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute in Chicago, Sarah is renowned for her Archetype work. Her clients are international as she is able to work via e mail, telephone as well as personally. She combines this work with her extensive knowledge of Astrology and the Energy Fields of the body. 

Sarah is also an Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Teacher and works with Advanced Spiritual Development groups in understanding the psyche.

Contact Sarah:

Mobile phone (UK): +44 (0)7803893485 
Email: chakras13chakras -at- gmail.com
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/16fDKo0