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 :: Empowering Affirmations

Yet the timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. By Kihill-Gibran

 :: Crystals and Minerals

Crystals can be used in many ways, we suggest you intuitively place on your body or carry in your pocket, place around your bed at night time or add it to your drinking water! 

Epistilbite - Assist in verbal communication and enhancing listening abilities and supports the stability and structure of the gums and teeth. 
Lapis Lazuli - Promotes the connection between the physical and celestial planes representing wisdom and the mystical realms. Good for problems related to hearing loss and the eustachian tube. 
It can help to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, vertigo and dizziness. 
Stichtite - Promotes thinking with love before speaking with intellect. Excellent to treat gum dis-ease and provide stability of the teeth. Encourages a gentle attitude towards the self and others. 
Sodalite - Improve calcium deficiencies, and dispel insomnia. Can also be used to enhance truthfulness verbalising emotions.

 :: The Use of Essential Oils

Halitosis - Bergamot, Cardomon, Sweet Fennel and Mint 
Cold Sores - Eucalyptus, Lemon and Tea Tree 
Excessive Talking - Cypress

 :: Mayan Magnetic Tone 9- Galactic Tone

Solar Tone of Intention 
Realise Energy
 - Mobilise 
Keywords - Realise, pulse, intention 
Mayan Name - Bolon 

Power - At the 9th Tone, you are very close to realising your purpose. Feel it pulsating within to materialise it on this planet. Intention is 100% as it emanates outwards towards the sun. 
Guidance - Move into action with passion, enthusiasm and urgency. 
Query - Do you exhaust yourself with distrations?

 :: Location in the Body

 ::  Body Parts/Glands and Organs

Skull, Chin, Jaw, Mouth,Teeth, Gums, Tongue, Nervous System, Lymphatic System.

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 :: Foods - Feed Your Chakras

Sesame Seeds, Fish, Mushrooms, Lychee, Oats.

 :: The Use Of Natural Remedies

Create your own herbal infusion, tincture, cream or ointment. 

Cold Sores - St. Johns Wort. 
Toothache - Prickly Ash 
Mouth Ulcers - Borax 
Gum Disease - Aloe Vera 
Toothache - Clove 
Coldsore - Hypericum Tincture

 :: Homepathic Remedies

Mouth Ulcers: Arsen alb. 
Gingivitis: Merc sol, Nat mur. 
Inflammation: Apis 

 :: Totem Helpers

Badger - Bold Self-Expression and Reliance - Keeper of Stories

 :: Practical Suggestions

Put some Silver in your life when you want: 
* to emphasize your willingness to comply 
* a neutral, non-invasive feeling 
* to reduce the intense energy of another color 
* to feel detached or isolated