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 :: Empowering Affirmations

The Supreme Happiness of Life is the Conviction that we are loved. - Victor Hugo

 :: Crystals and Minerals

Crystals can be used in many ways, we suggest you intuitively place on your body or carry in your pocket, place around your bed at night time or add it to your drinking water! 

Angelite - Provides a protective field around the environment it is placed. A great stone to stimulate the thymus, treat infectious diseases and renew and repair cells. 
Boji Stones - Aligns all of the subtle bodies. These stones come in a pair, masculine and feminine, can be used to balance the meridians and chakras. 
Malachite - Detox and cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual self, malachite acts as a purger and mirror to the subconscious, bringing awareness to purification. This stone is excellent to place of areas of dis-ease or pain as it 'draws out' negative energy. 
Lazurite - This mineral can be used in the treatment of food allergies, disorders of the lungs and alleviate pain providing relief from infections and inflammation. Also promotes tranquility.

 :: The Use of Essential Oils

Sluggish Immune System - Lemon, Cypress and Rosemary 
Lethargy - Juniper and Rosemary 
Flu - Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Ginger 

 :: Mayan Magnetic Tone 7 - Resonant Tone

Resonant Tone of Attunement 
Inspire Energy 
- Become One 
Keywords - Inspire, channel, attunement 
Mayan Name - Uc 

Power - Tone 7 splits right down the middle of 13, it represents the centre of your body, your spine without polarities. This is about the here and now, be in spirit and receive inspiration. 
Guidance - Align and attune with the Source, inspire yourself and others in creative projects. 
Query - Are you living in the present, the here and now?

 :: Location in the Body

 ::  Body Parts/Glands and Organs

Thoracic Vertebrae T1 to T3, Ribs, Oesophagus, Trachea, Lungs, Thymus, Lymphatic System, Nervous System. 

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 :: Foods - Feed Your Chakras

Avocado, Kiwi, Cucumber, Courgette, Marrow, Kale.

 :: The Use Of Natural Remedies

Create your own herbal infusion, tincture, cream or ointment. 

Cardiovascular - Hawthorn 
Sore Breasts - Black Cohosh, St. John's Wort oil, Vitamin B Complex, Calcium and Magnesium 
Coughs and Colds - Echinacea 
Respiratory Infections - Slippery Elm

 :: Homepathic Remedies

Hay Fever: Allium Cepa, Euphrasia. 
Allergic Rhinitis: Arsen Iod. 
Asthma: Sulphur.  

 :: Totem Helpers

Chickadee - Cheerful and Truthful Expression

 :: Practical Suggestions

1. Want / need to do something about freedom in your life

2. Get over your fears about anxiety and learn to speak the truth about all things in your life. 3. Is somebody hurting you, express that to them 4.Have you some-one mirroring back to you any issues you have