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 :: Numerology

5 - Freedom and Discipline 
Seek freedom through a wide range of direct or vicarious experiences. Here to achieve depth of experience through discipline and focus. Tend to swing from extremes of dependence to independence until they find inner freedom. 

Positives - Bold, daring, and persuasive 
Negatives - Materialistic, restless, and easily distracted 
Careers - Celebrity, business developer

 :: Astrological Wheel - Fifth House

Fifth House - Eros/Creativity 
Personal Power around creativity, sexuality, occupation. The house of romantic love; children either of your flesh or of your mind since it rules self-expression - speculation, gambling, hobbies and recreation; what you do for fun.

 :: Shadow and Light

Light: Respectful of the Earth, sea, land and nature, emotional independence, feeling light and open hearted, expanding feelings of unconditional love to all living beings.

Shadow:Emotional blockages held within the energetic body, releasing pain, emotional confusion, not able to view with objectivity.

 :: Your lower heart is out of balance when...

You feel emotional confusion. 
You feel emotionally 'cut off' and isolated. 
You are unable to distinguish the feelings of others and your own. 
You feel hopeless, fear and despair of Earths changes and evolvement. 
You lack empathy for others and the Earth.

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 :: Planet

Sun - Your Vital Force. 
God of Creation. 
The Sun contains 99.9% of all matter in the solar system. 
The size of the sun is so large that 109 earth's could be placed side by side inside it. 
The colour of the Sun is white. 
The Sun is at the Center of our Solar System. 

Positive Traits - Generous and warm-hearted, creative and enthusiastic, broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving. 

Negative Traits - Pompous and patronising, bossy and interfering, dogmatic and intolerant. 

Keywords - Creatively, impressively, powerfully, moodily.

 :: Astrological Sign

Organisation is essential for leo's who need control in their lives. With the slightest encouragement, their organisational ability will spill over into the disordered lives of others. The risk lies in their taking over, because they hate to see ability wasted.Their worst fault is in assuming they always knows best. Leo's may also be extremely dogmatic and so must cultivate flexible minds and respect for others' opinions. The characteristic Leonine warmth, generosity and desire to understand others can be fully indulged.

 :: Archetypal Patterns

What are the Archetypes? 
They are patterns of the psyche that make up an energetic realm that you were assigned to before you were born. The Universe works on our behalf through archetypal patterns. We each have personal mythologies. Eg Michael Jackson - Peter Pan, the eternal child! 

The patterns will show with benevolence and compassion. Can be dictorial and oppresses others, with the same power. Also of great worldly power. 
Midas, Hero, Father, Leader, King/Queen, God/Goddess, Politician.